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Taizhou Jingchuan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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Main categories: LED truck, LED trailer, Custom LED vehicle
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1、Source factory with highly competitive prices.
2、Good quality control with years of production experience.
3、More professional service from young and patient teams.
4、R&D and design team can meet customers'special needs.
5、Production visualization to satisfy customers to check production progress at any time.
Product Video
Product Introduction
Hi, friends, the latest EF15 mobile led screen trailer manufactured by JCT Company is on the market. It continues the advantages of previous products. In addition to the original button mode, a new remote control operation mode is added to make the operation easier and easier to use!
EF15 mobile led screen trailer parameters:
Screen Size: 5000*3000mm, 15㎡;
Lifting system: It can be lifted up and down freely, with a stroke of 2000mm;
Screen folding: 180-degree upturn + downfold folding of the screen;
Screen rotation: 360 degrees positive and negative rotation.
Mobile LED Trailer
And it integrates supporting, hydraulic lifting, rotation and other functions to bring customers and target audience new sensory experiences.
The mobile LED trailer changed the traditional streamline design of previous products to a frameless design with clean and neat lines and sharp edges, fully reflecting the sense of science, technology and modernization. It is especially suitable for pop show, fashion show, automobile new product release and so on.
Solar Led Trailer
Solar battery power supply
Independent power supply, high performance, uninterrupted power supply, not limited by geographical location, safe and reliable, no pollution, no noise, environmental protection and beautiful, without too much maintenance.